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Diaphragm Direct Part No DD10-GTFM-D

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD10-GTFM-D Diaphragm Direct Grade: TFM (PTFE)/E7
Connection: Threaded Pin Description : 1” (DN 25) PTFE backed EPDM Diaphragm (2-piece center-laminate) with Stainless Steel Spools for Bolt Holes Compliance : FDA, USP, 3A, ASME BPE (SG-3.1; SG-3.4), EMEA/410/01-TSE/BSE Traceability : Full batch traceable according to EN10204 3.1b, and ISO 10993-1 Temperature : -30 – 350°F (-34 -176°C)

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